Organise assistance during self-isolation

Added by
Hilton Parish Council
on 21st March 2020

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  • Cambridgeshire
  • Advice
  • Bike errands
  • Car errands
  • Collect prescriptions
  • Computers
  • Dog walking
  • Entertainment
  • Food delivery
  • IT support
  • Information
  • Library books
  • Medical supplies
  • Online resources
  • Pet care
  • Phone chat
  • Post letters
  • Shopping delivery
  • Talking

Hilton Parish Council, in co-ordination with the Town Trust, Women’s Institute, Church and Village Hall Committee, are looking to organise assistance to any family/individual who is having to self-isolate during this period of Coronavirus.


Co-ordination could include:

  • Picking up shopping
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Posting mail
  • A friendly telephone call
  • Advice regarding setting up Skype or other methods of online communication


Our point of contact is Nicola Webster, Clerk to the Council

Tel: 830605       Email:


Please contact if you would like assistance.


Coronavirus is contagious. Please note that the collection and delivery of items will be undertaken without charge, we will discuss with you how payment can be made for the goods as necessary.


This will be a doorstep delivery service to avoid physical contact.


We are looking for volunteers to help with this community effort, if you can help please contact Nicola.

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